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RXpharmacy4u has served the needs of our neighborhood and beyond.
Today, we are a specialized drug store that integrates clinical knowledge with personal passion to achieve maximum result.
Specialty Pharmacy 4U as we know it today has its roots in compounding. Medications were prepared from components that existed in nature.
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What to Expert
We acknowledge that handling a persistent illness or major disease can feel frustrating at times. We are here for you. Our personnel is committed…
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Our Mission
Through our professionalism, courtesy and respect, our store happily serves clients and customers through education, individualized health…
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How We Can Help
We are committed to offering you with the personal service necessary to guarantee that you achieve the most take advantage of your treatment…
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Who are we?


We have served the requirements of our neighborhood and beyond. Today, we have actually expanded into 2 drug stores; our original drug store, that continues to serve our neighborhood and a specialized drug store that integrates medical expertise with personal passion to accomplish optimum results.

What do we offer?

Our specialized qualified staff members will deal with you to discuss your treatment strategy, and we will attend to any concerns or concerns you may have.

What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

Specialized drug stores stand out from traditional pharmacies in collaborating lots of elements of client care and illness management. They are designed to effectively deliver medications with unique handling, storage, and circulation requirements with standardized procedures that allow economies of scale.

What is our philosophy?

The goal of Specialty Pharmacy 4U is patient commitment and to supply top quality pharmaceutical services. Through an ingenious, customized approach and strong neighborhood ties with doctors, biopharmaceutical agents, and other health care providers.

Specialty Pharmacy 4U. Our Specialty Care. Your Optimal Wellness.

Specialty Pharmacy 4U has served the needs of our community and beyond. Today, we are a specialty pharmacy that combines clinical expertise with personal passion to achievev maximum outcomes.We team with our PATIENTS to improve their heath and their lives through drug therapies and personal service. Our PRESCRIBERS trust us to deliver the best outcomes by delivering the best care available in the most efficient manner available. To our PARTNERS we are at the forefront of modern healthcare, bringing innovation, clarity, and passion to everything we do.


Barry Newman

Great little drug store. If you’re very devoted to your brand names this might not be the place for you if they do not carry them as they do not have a big choice. If they do have your brands/you’re versatile this is a nice little area to get some things rapidly if you need them. They are fairly avg. rate although somethings are a little more affordable than routine.

Becky Espeland

I concerned this drug store as a novice client with an emergency scenario (I was brief on an essential medication that no drug store had in stock.) Individuals at Brooklyn Pharmacy headed out of their way to help me, from purchasing my medication with over night delivery to remaining open late for me, to looking for promo codes on my med when I needed to pay out of pocket, to offering to deliver it well outside of their normal radius. Additionally, this drug store has extremely low costs on OTC fundamentals. Ignore chain pharmacies for your medication refills; move all your prescriptions here!