Ahh-Choo! Preparing for Spring?

For some, the feared season is rapidly approaching as winter has come and gone. The altering of weathers and warmer weather condition is synonymous with allergic reactions.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 50 million Americans experience all kinds of allergic reactions. That’s 1 in 5 Americans! Are you one of them?


What is a Gluten Allergy?

Gluten allergic reaction is a term that is used to describe gluten-related conditions. It is not a medical term and it is not a true allergic reaction. Gluten allergic reaction typically describes celiac illness or gluten level of sensitivity.

So, exactly what is celiac illness and gluten sensitivity?

Celiac disease is an immune disorder of the little intestinal tract that hinders digestion of particular food.


Seasonal Affective Disorder: Do you have it? And what to do about it?

Feeling Unfortunate from S.A.D (Seasonal depression)?

It’s that time of year once again where the seasons change, days grow much shorter and you find yourself feeling a little blue; only this year, do not brush it off, take actions to prepare yourself. Those winter blues may be because of something called seasonal affective disorder.


How Serious is a Peanut Allergy?

One of the most typical types of food allergic reaction is a peanut allergic reaction. It is still unclear why some individuals have peanut allergic reactions and some do not. However in those individuals with this allergic reaction, the body perceives peanuts as something unsafe and this prompts the immune system to react.

For some individuals,


Beauty Expiration Dates: When Good Products Go Bad

You would not drink milk that’s a month past its expiration date, so why use makeup to sensitive locations like the eyes and mouth if it’s anything less than fresh? The trouble is, there are no policies under current United States law that require cosmetic makers to print expiration dates on labels. But when good items go bad,