Specialty Pharmacy 4U is a specialized drug store located in Brooklyn. Through our professionalism, courtesy and respect, Specialty Pharmacy 4U Drug store happily serves clients and customers through education, individualized health and wellness consultations.

Professionalism and empathy for both the trade and our patients is a driving force behind Specialty Pharmacy 4U. Through a collective and group method, personnel pharmacists and professionals supply top-tier services for health management. Informing and enabling our clients to live healthier, happier and more comfortable lives is the foundation of Specialty Pharmacy 4U.

With a firm belief and goal of providing constantly improving healthcare and optimal specialized pharmaceutical options, Specialty Pharmacy 4U Drug store works carefully with clients, prescribers, recommendation services, insurance suppliers and market experts to alleviate the administrative burden on both physician and patient. Our extremely experienced staff guarantees the greatest moral, legal and ethical conduct in serving our patients.

The goal of Specialty Pharmacy 4U is patient devotion and to supply top quality pharmaceutical services. Through an ingenious, personalized method and strong community ties with doctors, biopharmaceutical representatives, and other health care companies, Specialty Pharmacy 4U is perfectly placed to boost lives and promote the wellness of its clients.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Brooklyn

1919-A Ave U, Brooklyn, NY 11229
Phone: (718) 676-9770
Mail: RXpharmacy4u@gmail.com

Our Workplace

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